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Personal History:

The history of Alexandra "Lex" Devereaux is difficult to report. She changes legal identities as easily as most people change outfits, declines to speak on most of her personal history, and seems to have only a casual relationship with what most people consider objective truths. In fact, it isn't certain whether or not this is even her original name. If she has family, she had not been in contact with them in a very long time. She is kind-hearted, free-spirited, and smokes when she's anxious. She's usually expensively dressed, but favors a simple and classically fashionable style as opposed to cutting-edge or avant garde trends.

Employment history varies based on the identity she is using, but she is known to have worked as (or at least successfully passed herself off as) the following: nurse, personal assistant, art investigator, museum curator, locksmith, exotic dancer, pastry chef, librarian, IT technician, chemistry teacher, high-rise window cleaner (This is not a comprehensive list.)

Lex is a suspect in numerous forgeries and art thefts, but the status remains "alleged" (much to the frustration of law enforcement, especially a certain Detective Mark Eames). Despite her skill and presumed criminal successes, Lex has not accumulated much wealth. Part of her earnings have been spent on expensive tastes in wine, travel, and art… but secretly, a greater portion has found its way to those less fortunate.

After an acquisition gig at a small art museum just outside of Tallahassee that ended in nine deaths and her own arrest, Lex has almost entirely dropped off the grid. Any of her old contacts who try to reach her get a simple message back: "I'm not accepting work at the moment. If you're smart, don't leave a message." Unknown to almost all, she was recruited into the secretive government organization known as "The Agency".

Agency Profile:

At the Agency, Lex shares a room with Jacob Scott Thomas (with Pixel granted ongoing permission to sleep there as well). She cooks dinner many nights for teammates-and-SOs-and-friends. As always, Lex hates holding still and as such her time is constantly occupied – she trains her athletic and larceny abilities, researches and works in the Library, practices her forgery skills, accepts moonlighting missions, seeks educational training, spends times with her friends, etc.

Lex has Van Helsing clearance, and is actively seeking to further her vampiric knowledge. She works often in the Library and seems to be a likely candidate for related clearances and employment there. She recently was authorized for Ghostfacer clearance, and moonlights with fellow Agent (and close friend) Delilah on those missions. She is interested in gaining Grimm clearance and has been taking steps in that direction. Lastly, she has been granted permission to interact with the mage Arlene, although she does not possess (nor seem interested in) Merlin clearance.

Despite finding her work and friendships fulfilling, Lex still deeply misses a very specific aspect  of her old life…

Precious Items:

Things Lex would rescue if her room was on fire:
-Jake the rock
-a specific set of lockpicks (which are usually hidden on her person anyways)
-journal that Armond gave her
-Sherlock’s letters
-silver cufflinks (given to her by Marius at the salon in Fair Verona)

Established Aliases:

Ashley Barnes: An alias that has been in existence since Lex was a teenager, although one that she uses sparingly. "Ashley" is three years older than Lex herself, and lacks a criminal record. She has an Associates Degree in art history from a NYC community college, and has worked numerous odd jobs. 

Emily Parker: High school chemistry teacher, currently on sabbatical caring for her dying mother.

Irene Eames: Multiple identities; a favorite when teasing or signaling to Det. Eames. Owns a green bikini and enjoys margaritas by the pool.

Katherine Wallace: Nurse with a drinking problem, based in the west coast. Recently took a trip to Egypt, volunteering with Doctors Without Borders, and was in the group rescued from terrorists by Representative Alex Ocasio-Cortez.

Prof. Sarah Williams: Former museum curator; currently freelances for insurance companies and individuals providing appraisal and verification services. Has been sighted several times in the company of Congressman Alex Ocasio-Cortez, and recently has visited Las Vegas and Chicago.

Ruby Dreams: An exotic dancer, very professional with an impressively acrobatic act. Has a pill addition and keeps her stash in an Altoids tin.

(Not a complete list.)

Agency Team:

Dani: Skilled cat burglar… although extremely breakable. For the first several minutes after meeting, Lex was a bit wary (possibly stemming from a sense of professional territorialism), but she very swiftly was won over by Dani as a person and as a result, the thief extraordinaire was the first person invited into the team during orientation. Lex has been delighted to meet someone who enjoys some of her own hobbies, such as analyzing security systems and navigating ventilation shafts.

Dr. Heather: Cleric. She has worked for the agency for several years, brought in by her boyfriend Riley, but has only recently stepped up to being a field agent. Prior to the Agency, she worked for Doctors Without Borders. Her quiet and firm scolding managed to get through to Lex during a rough stubborn mood during the thief's initial Agency adjustment period, and they have frequent Girls Nights with Delilah and Murdoch.

Foxy: Gun bunny and Ruby's roommate. While Lex has a personal distaste for using firearms, she find Foxy to be bright and enjoyable. Lex's high culinary tastes and dislike of bread products meshes well with Foxy's healthy eating habits. The pair hit a rough patch when Foxy cheated on Lex’s best friend Murdoch, but a violent werewolf incident renewed Lex’s trust in the gun-bunny.

Jacob: Faceman. Lex and Jacob met just before they were recruited by The Agency, bonding over their joint incarnation (and innocence of the violent crimes for which they were arrested). They are roommates at The Agency's facility.

Mac: Wheelman. After hearing how the former cop had her life shattered because she "just couldn't let it go" after being warned off pursuing the corrupt Alderman Gibbon, Lex felt her protective hackles rise. They spend time together in the garage and throwing darts, with Mac often venting about a guy who’s been hitting on her sister.

Murdoch: Flyboy. Despite their very-different lives leading up to their Agency recruitments, Lex and Murdoch quickly became best friends and are usually found in each other’s company. They have a number of jokes and ‘bits’ that their teammates have learned it’s best to simply endure, including a Swedish passport and an ongoing argument about definitions.

Pixel: Hacker. Talented at remote working, which is good as she’s skittish about being physically present in the field. She and Lex have spent numerous hours silently working on separate projects together. Lex keeps a small stash of Pixel's favorite snacks and energy drink on her own nightstand… useful, since Pixel spends more days (and nights) in Lex and Jacob's room than her own.

Ruby: Contender. Ruby and Lex met minutes before they were recruited by The Agency. Lex took an instantly liking to her after she immediately offered up a hairpin for Lex to free herself of her handcuffs. She handles paperwork-related things for her friend, although she keeps a supply of cheap pens on hand to offer as she noticed Ruby tended to snap them when filling out forms. They share a shoe size and protective instincts, although each manifests these habits in their own distinct way.

Other Significant Relationships:

Alex: Representative Alexander Ocasio-Cortez, Designation: Devil’s Advocate. Leader of Team TBA, with whom Lex frequently moonlights. There is a certain way she has of sing-song-calling his name that he can hear even in a text message.

Armond: The vampire liaison for the Agency. An act of kindness on her first day set Armond firmly and positively in Lex’s mind, even after the revelation that Marius had asked him to look out for her. Lex trusts Armond a great deal, requesting he be the one to deliver the Kiss during the vampiric bite training and even asking him remove Deacon Frost’s imprint on her mind knowing that it would make it easier for Armond himself to affect her in such ways. His office is one the places she feels truly comfortable sleeping in. Lex enjoys spending time with Armond, and he tends to influence her towards deeper reflection and thoughtfulness.

Barbara Gordon: The Historian and member of Team TBA is both Lex's friend and her main mentor at the Library. Much to Alex's chagrin, they refuse to ever let him see their notes.

Casey: Team Alpha, head of N.O.T., Wheel Man. Casey sought Lex out on her first day, looking to regale the pretty new Agent with tales of dramatic car acrobatics. Since becoming a field agent, they have become good friends. Lex often sees Casey about "additional drive training time" – although most of their lessons seem to take place in the backseat.

Deacon Frost: Intercepted Lex on her last gig for Marius, both of them seeking to acquire a recently recovered painting of King Arthur's legend. He killed nine human guards as part of his heist and left Lex to be blamed for the whole thing. Deacon had done more than initially was realized during this first meeting, but Lex has since undone the memory loss and the compulsion that he wrote into her mind. Lex has been in contact with the vampire and is coaxing further interactions at the request of the Agency… although how much is duty and how much is of her own design is question yet unanswered.

Delilah: A Ghostfacer-clearance Agent of several years.  After an accidentally action-filled day together in New Orleans, Lex and Delilah have began to spend lots of time together. Lex has been delighted to find someone who feels like a kindred spirit, despite the other woman being a medical examiner instead of a fellow criminal.

Eli: Werewolf liaison to the Agency, and an Omega. Even outside of his romantic involvement with her friend-and-teammate Ruby, Lex considers Eli a friend (and although she wouldn’t consciously phrase it that way, part of her “Agency family”). She appreciates his direct and action-oriented advice when it comes to problem solving, along with his relaxed but snarky sense of humor. He definitely gives the best hugs.

Giovanni: Lex hasn't commented much on her relationship with the mysterious criminal, but she was definitely delighted to see him in New Orleans. He calls her "sorellina", and she has a set of lockpicks which he gave her a long time ago.

Marius: Originally a contact for art-acquisition jobs during Lex’s art thief days. He sent her on the gig which resulted in the encounter with Deacon Frost and her subsequent recruitment to the Agency, when she discovered he is the French Agency’s vampire liaison. The two have touched bases since then, the relationship remaining a positive one. While Marius seems delighted to be supportive of Lex whenever and however she needs it, he also has the tendency to trigger the more capricious side of her personality.

Det. Marcus "Mark" Eames: A Washington-based detective who has been chasing Lex for six years. They end up in bed together frequently, with him swearing each occurrence is "just this once" or "for the last time". In addition to the chase of cop-and-thief, Lex has the habit of simply showing up at his apartment. It always ends the same – he wakes up to find her gone. She covers for him to keep their affairs a secret from his coworkers and superiors, even when using it could have been advantageous for her criminal activities. She affectionately calls him "Sherlock". Lex maintains a PO Box in Woodville FL specifically for communicating with Eames' mother, Margaret, and they have tea whenever she's in Washington. Unknown to Lex, Eames has left Washington for Atlanta and joined the FBI.

Nikki: Nichole Perkins. Agent Designation: Gumshoe. A member of Team TBA, with whom Lex frequently moonlights.

Phillip: The eternally-awkward but friendly Lie Detector. Lex met him while they were both moonlighting with Team TBA (which he ended up joining) and instantly took a liking to him. He enjoys that he now gets invited to hang out with the other humans.

Stacy: Agent Designation: Devil’s Advocate. A recent recruit to the Agency. Lex values her opinion as it reflects experiences very different to her own.

Dr. Tulip: The Agency therapist. Visits to him used to be difficult – Lex would show up in his office only to instinctively close off, but after a few sessions in alternate surroundings, she began to find it easier to break through her mental barriers and talk. She sometimes visits of her own volition, although she still struggles to articulate why.

Alexandra Devereaux

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