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Ruby is 5’1” with shoulder length, gently curled blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion. For those who are prone to making assumptions, she looks unprepared for a fight – something she is happy to use to her advantage. She couples her small frame with fashionable, revealing high end clothing and impractical shoes for full effect. Those who know to look for such things may notice the faintest hint of calluses on her knuckles and the way she holds herself like a coiled spring waiting for an excuse to release.

She’s talkative and friendly, although frequently she’s told she’s too direct. Ruby typically doesn’t show anxiety or fear, particularly to those who don’t know her well. The combination of these personality traits has aided her in her interactions with werewolves, who are intrigued by her.

Ruby has at least four tattoos – one a stylized, abstract solar system trailing down her spine from the base of her neck, and the other a silhouette of a woman petting a wolf, resting over her heart. Recently she’s added two more below the wolf – an ice skate adorned with a small star for Jenna, and a star drawn by Lex for Dylan and all Agents who will never receive their honorary star on the wall.

She has a difficult time remaining still and relaxing, preferring instead to do things which burn off the rage and anxiety she is almost always feeling. Typically she can be found fighting, working out, or dancing at a club. Lately, she’s also taken up hiking. Her preference for danger and tendency to seek high adrenaline activities has made more than one person suggest she has a death wish, when in her mind life isn’t a lot of fun without an equal amount of risk. More than anything, Ruby misses the thrill of fighting in front of a cheering audience with a real chance of injury.

She also has what has been described as an addictive personality and an abundance of unhealthy coping mechanisms. She is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, and has a complicated relationship with sex. While she is generally confident, Ruby thrives on attention (particularly romantic) and, at her core, craves being loved and accepted while harboring a constant fear of abandonment due to past experiences. She has a tendency to slip into anxiety spirals when she feels isolated or ignored.

Ruby owns two vehicles. One, a blue 2019 Lexus LC 500, which is yet another car that Gabriel refers to as a ‘wind up toy.’ She also has a red 2014 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide, which he bought for her.

Preferences, Idiosyncrasies, and Random Factoids:
  • Color: Sapphire, amethyst, emerald
  • Food: Carbonara, Cheetos, Twizzlers, bell pepper and sausage pizza
  • Scents: Lilac, amber, sage, cedarwood
  • Coffee order: Mocha
  • Breakfast order: Everything bagel, cream cheese
  • Food aversions: Cauliflower
  • She doesn’t drink soda, instead normally going for sparkling water or (confusingly) energy drinks
  • Alcohol: Vodka tonic, beer (both sparingly, usually)
  • Adores 60’s, 70’s, 80’s horror movies – the campier the better
  • Often forgets to eat
  • Struggles with insomnia, frequently has nightmares/night terrors
  • Dislikes being given flowers and so-called ‘lazy’ gifts
  • She is a consummate master of the selfie due in part to her mother’s distaste for them
  • Will only wear dresses once and periodically gives the worn ones to Lex, who donates them
  • Has an extensive record collection, first started by her sister, Margaret
  • Hates her birthday and will completely ignore it if able
  • Not a fan, generally, of the holidays
  • Can run at a full sprint in heels
If the Room Was On Fire:
  • Margaret’s necklace
  • Cainite stone
  • Notes from Gabriel
  • Journal
  • Leather jacket from Gabriel
Roller Derby (Future):

Ruby Bruiseday, #421 (Addy and Jax’s anniversary)



Pending updates.

Backstory and Flashbacks:

  • Do You Have a Sister?: Ruby’s 15th birthday. The death of Margaret; Ruby’s descent into addiction.
  • You’re Just Worried: Following Margaret’s death, Ruby begins being plagued by nightmares which follow her into the present day. Years later, Gabriel struggles with how Ruby manages her chronic difficulty sleeping.
  • The Necklace: Charlotte and Ruby abscond to Philly, Ruby gets a tattoo, and Charlotte buys her a sentimental birthday gift. Ruby is surprised when Gabriel takes note of their 6th month anniversary, and tells him about how Margaret got her necklace.
  • L, Gabriel: Ruby meets the love of her life, begins her underground fighting career, and falls off a roof.
  • Happy Birthday, Addy: Gabriel crashes Ruby’s 21st birthday celebration, much to Charlotte’s annoyance.
  • You Hurt Her Feelings: Ruby and Gabriel attempt to go to dinner, but are delayed by his need to fix his bike – and an argument.
  • Choices and Blame: Ruby writes Gabriel a letter from rehab, which she never sends, at the behest of Dr. Catherine Knight.
  • Today’s the Day: Charlotte overdoses at a party, and Ruby gets in a fight when she attempts to get help. Ruby makes a deal with her parents to get them both into rehab.

Notable Relationships:

Charlotte Graves: Ruby’s best friend since childhood. Resides on the bond of Garrett’s pack with her boyfriend Liam. Charlotte and Ruby have had a long list of adventures together, often getting one or both of them into trouble and eventually landing them in rehab. Charlotte decided to pursue her dreams of being a singer, going to Nashville, TN to do it. Ruby visited soon after and met Liam, who shortly thereafter revealed himself to be a werewolf in order to keep Charlotte safe from Lucian.

Dr. Catherine Knight: Behavior psychologist, Addington Antigen. Following Ruby’s sister Margaret’s death, Dr. Knight began overseeing Ruby’s care, including when she went to rehab with her friend Charlotte. Ruby is suspicious of Dr. Knight and resistant to opening up to her, and doesn’t seem aware of just how prevalent visits with the therapist have been throughout her life due to missing chunks of time she blames on partying. She does, however; frequently recall things Dr. Knight told her, often without realizing she’s doing it. Ruby’s been very glad to have not seen her in several years.

Eli: Omega, Werewolf Liaison. Ruby’s current boyfriend. She and Eli took an immediate liking to each other, going on their first date within hours of her arrival at the Agency. The pair became official, jokingly referred to as ‘werewolf married’ by Team TBD, a few days later and have been practically living together ever since. They’ve each struggled with navigating the differences between humans and werewolves, particularly when it comes to communication styles and figuring out what each needs from the other. Currently, Ruby is trying to figure out the best route to present a Cainite stone to Garrett in order to have Eli brought back into his former pack.

Fluffy: Babylonian Trickster God. Ruby accidentally acquired Fluffy while on an impromptu mission in West Virginia wherein the team removed a curse from the cat-shaped deity. They initially bonded over a shared love of boxing, and Ruby cuddled with the cat, unaware this would cause them to become bonded. Currently, Fluffy spends much of her time seeing what Ruby is up to, and although Ruby has insisted she is not a cat person, the small creature is slowly growing on her.

Foxy: Field Agent. Team TBD. Ruby’s roommate and one of her best friends within the Agency. They met the very first night Ruby was recruited and bonded instantly over their enjoyment of violence and shopping. She and Foxy have several relatively good natured wars raging over things like thermostat temperature and what, exactly, constitutes ‘real’ food. For the first several months of their friendship, Ruby covertly encouraged the obvious to her feelings between her friend and Parker, and was overjoyed when the pair finally started dating – even though it started a great deal of conflict within the Agency and even Ruby’s own relationship.

Gabriel Jackson Montrose: Field Agent. Ruby’s ex-boyfriend. Ruby and Gabriel use nicknames with each other – Addy and Jax, respectively. They met initially when he approached her in the crowd at a fight she’d been watching, and the chemistry between them was immediate. The resulting satisfying one night stand turned into an intense relationship spanning nearly a decade – only interrupted by Gabriel’s spontaneous disappearances, the most recent of which lasted over three years. After she was recruited to the Agency, Ruby discovered he was also an Agent, and he surprised her at a team dinner several months later. They soon reconciled, to a degree, and now manage a complicated version of friendship. Ruby is still very much in love with him, and he reciprocates her feelings and seems to be waiting for her to come back to him. Currently, Gabriel maintains that he and Addy are still a couple as part of his cover, an act she participates in with, perhaps, a bit too much enthusiasm.

Garrett: Alpha werewolf. Ruby was initially determined to get a date with Garrett, ordering Charlotte’s boyfriend Liam to arrange it before she realized they were werewolves. The night Ruby was extracted, Garrett came to her rescue – then put her to sleep and back in her car. Ruby’s learned a number of things that are troubling about his past, not the least of which being his history with Eli and how the Omega came to be ousted from his pack. In spite of this, though, she can’t help but like Garrett a little, even though she doesn’t trust him and is constantly keeping in mind what she was told about him being ‘an excellent Garou, but a terrible human.’ Garrett has recently taken Ruby out to dinner and provided a way for her to start getting answers about her family, but she still has a lot of questions about his motives and what he wants from her – especially following his enthusiastic insistence that he wants to take her out again. Worried she’d develop feelings for him beyond sexual attraction, Ruby was relieved when Garret did not appear on Marilyn Monroe’s mirror.

Ivy Anne Price-Addington: Ruby’s mother and Head of Genetic Research at Addington Antigen. Ruby longs for her mother’s approval, but is convinced she’ll never get it – likely accurate, given her chosen life path. Ivy takes issue with nearly everything about her daughter: how she dresses, her enjoyment of fighting for recreation, who she associates with, her temper, and her insistence on going by ‘Ruby’ rather than ‘Reuben’ – to name just a few examples. Following the revelation that Ivy was rescued while running from and pleading with an unknown, mysterious werewolf, Ruby is desperately curious just who her mother displayed genuine affection for – but has been forbidden from using conventional methods of getting answers by Sir. As of present day, they haven’t spoken in more than half a year.

Jacob Scott Thomas: Field Agent; Leader of Team TBD. Ruby and Jacob have a rocky relationship, resulting in them frequently getting into arguments. Ultimately, she’s curious what his real personality is like and whether or not she can trust him.

Jessica Tramell: Field Agent. One of Ruby’s best friends within the Agency. At first Ruby didn’t like Jessica, put off by her initial comments. Eventually, Ruby realized they may have more in common than she’d thought, and decided they were going to be friends. They share a love of the finer things in life, along with annoyance at being expected to complete domestic tasks while undercover with the Hanged Man MC. Jessica insisted Ruby be told first about her pregnancy, with her friend declaring herself Aunt Ruby and immediately beginning shopping for the child.

Lex: Field Agent; Team TBD. Since meeting Lex, Ruby has been equal parts impressed by her and frustrated by their different communication styles. She identifies strongly with her protective instinct and taste in shoes. The pair train together fairly often – Lex teaching the art of falling safely, and Ruby how to avoid getting hit. Recently, she’s started showing Ruby how to cook, and they’ve bonded over concerns for their team’s wellbeing.

Liz: Field Agent; Team Kilo. An old friend of Ruby, Charlotte, and Gabriel’s from their heavy partying days. Liz was known for her predilection for cocaine and uncanny ability to known when cops were imminent. Ruby remembers her fondly as the one who taught her how to run in absolutely any variety of high heel, and her favorite memories with Liz highlight activities like climbing through bathroom windows and stealing a police car. At some point the friends lost contact, with Ruby and Liz mutually assuming the other likely overdosed – and both being shocked to run into each other at the L.A. Satellite Office.

Lucian: Alpha werewolf. Ruby first met Lucian in Tennessee when he tried to kidnap Charlotte. Since that night, he has apologized to her, protected her, offered comfort when she was grieving, and extended a valuable invitation to the upcoming Baptism of Fire. At present, she’s unsure how to feel about him – while she’s undeniably strongly attracted to Lucian, she doesn’t know yet what he wants with her. In an effort to test out whether he’s truly seeking her out or not, she’s recently given him her phone number. Recently, Ruby was surprised to see Lucian on the mirror in Marilyn Monroe’s room as part of a montage of people Ruby considers hers.

Margaret Renee Addington: Ruby’s older sister; deceased. Margaret and Ruby were incredibly close growing up, with Margaret taking the brunt of their parents’ disapproval. Margaret committed suicide the day after Ruby’s 15th birthday; Ruby discovered the body and has never been quite the same since. She instilled in Ruby an appreciation for classic rock, and one of the few things Ruby was able to salvage once Margaret passed away was her impressive record collection. To this day, Ruby frequently talks and writes to her sister as though she was still alive, using a code they invented as children to keep their mother’s prying eyes out of their diaries. Until recently, Ruby wasn’t able to speak about her sister out loud, but she’s been working on remedying that with mixed success.

Megan: Field Agent. Ruby and Megan met on Team TBD’s first club night, widely attended by a significant portion of what Ruby frequently refers to as their phone tree. Ever since, they seem to find themselves at many of the same social functions, much to Ruby’s delight. Megan is one of Ruby’s favorite dance partners, and she doesn’t think twice about Megan’s insistence on driving – and driving only her, even if they’re also going out with Lex and Casey or other Agents. Ruby has referred to Megan both as ‘an entire mood’ and ‘exactly my type.’ Unbeknownst to Ruby, she’s developed strong feelings for Megan, the reality only occurring to her following Megan appearing on the mirror in Marilyn Monroe’s room.

Parker Seeley: Field Agent. Ruby resisted Foxy’s active dislike of Parker for months, and made efforts both to be nice to him and never say anything directly disparaging based on her inkling that eventually Foxy and Parker would begin dating. She’s fully supported her friends’ relationship in spite of it causing a ripple effect through the Agency when everyone decided to choose sides. Even though it’s been months and Murdoch and Lex are making efforts to be friends with Parker again, Ruby doubts their loyalty, and has asked Gabriel to become one of Parker’s best friends instead.

Topher Tyrson: Field Agent. Ruby and Topher met on his first day at the US Agency as a visiting Grimm. The pair immediately hit it off and have been friends ever since. He’s training her in survival skills, including overnights backpacking in the areas around the Agency and beyond. They spend a lot of their time flirting, and it’s become a bit of a joke to their friends that they can never seem to ‘just’ say hi or get a single drink without losing hours. Topher makes Ruby feel less angry – sometimes downright calm, an anomaly she’s curious about given their very different personalities. Following Topher’s appearance on the mirror in Marilyn Monroe’s room, Ruby’s realized she considers him hers. The revelation came just in time for him to start dating Heather and, from Ruby’s perspective, change their own relationship entirely – no matter what Jessica and Foxy insist is Topher’s clear decision to ‘settle’ for Heather, since he can’t have Ruby.

Vidamüder: Wolf. Companion of Topher, and Ruby’s favorite floof.


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