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Ruby is 5’1” with shoulder length, gently curled blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion. For those who are prone to making assumptions, she looks unprepared for a fight – something she is happy to use to her advantage. She couples her small frame with fashionable, revealing high end clothing and impractical shoes for full effect. Those who know to look for such things may notice the faintest hint of calluses on her knuckles and the way she holds herself like a coiled spring waiting for an excuse to release.

She’s talkative and friendly, although frequently she’s told she’s too direct. Ruby typically doesn’t show anxiety or fear, particularly to those who don’t know her well. The combination of these personality traits has aided her in her interactions with werewolves, who are intrigued by her.

Ruby has at least four tattoos – one a stylized, abstract solar system trailing down her spine from the base of her neck, and the other a silhouette of a woman petting a wolf, resting over her heart. Recently she’s added two more below the wolf – an ice skate adorned with a small star for Jenna, and a star drawn by Lex for Dylan and all Agents who will never receive their honorary star on the wall.

She has a difficult time remaining still and relaxing, preferring instead to do things which burn off the rage and anxiety she is almost always feeling. Typically she can be found fighting, working out, or dancing at a club. Lately, she’s also taken up hiking. Her preference for danger and tendency to seek high adrenaline activities has made more than one person suggest she has a death wish, when in her mind life isn’t a lot of fun without an equal amount of risk. More than anything, Ruby misses the thrill of fighting in front of a cheering audience with a real chance of injury.

She also has what has been described as an addictive personality and an abundance of unhealthy coping mechanisms. She is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, and has a complicated relationship with sex. While she is generally confident, Ruby thrives on attention (particularly romantic) and, at her core, craves being loved and accepted while harboring a constant fear of abandonment due to past experiences. She has a tendency to slip into anxiety spirals when she feels isolated or ignored.

Ruby owns two vehicles. One, a blue 2020 Lexus LC 500, which is yet another car that Gabriel refers to as a ‘wind up toy.’ She also has a red 2014 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide, which he bought for her.

If the Room Was On Fire:
  • Margaret’s necklace
  • Cainite stone
  • Notes from Gabriel
  • Journal
  • Leather jacket from Gabriel
Roller Derby (Future):

Ruby Bruiseday, #421 (Addy and Jax’s anniversary)



Pending updates.

Backstory and Flashbacks:

  • Do You Have a Sister?: Ruby’s 15th birthday. The death of Margaret; Ruby’s descent into addiction.
  • You’re Just Worried: Following Margaret’s death, Ruby begins being plagued by nightmares which follow her into the present day. Years later, Gabriel struggles with how Ruby manages her chronic difficulty sleeping.
  • The Necklace: Charlotte and Ruby abscond to Philly, Ruby gets a tattoo, and Charlotte buys her a sentimental birthday gift. Ruby is surprised when Gabriel takes note of their 6th month anniversary, and tells him about how Margaret got her necklace.
  • L, Gabriel: Ruby meets the love of her life, begins her underground fighting career, and falls off a roof.
  • Happy Birthday, Addy: Gabriel crashes Ruby’s 21st birthday celebration, much to Charlotte’s annoyance.
  • You Hurt Her Feelings: Ruby and Gabriel attempt to go to dinner, but are delayed by his need to fix his bike – and an argument.
  • Choices and Blame: Ruby writes Gabriel a letter from rehab, which she never sends, at the behest of Dr. Catherine Knight.
  • Today’s the Day: Charlotte overdoses at a party, and Ruby gets in a fight when she attempts to get help. Ruby makes a deal with her parents to get them both into rehab.


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